Thursday, March 3, 2016

Writing Challenge Root Words

Graph means a diagram showing relation between variable quantities.

Photograph-a picture using a camera
I went to the libary to write to write a paper and I had to write five paragraph. The essay I had to write was about bar graphs and how you use them. My second paragraph was about photograph and what they do. I have to write paragraphs about graphs. One of my paragraphs were about graphs.  

Monday, February 8, 2016

What is it that you will do with your one wild and precious life?

inspiration is everywhere you go cities,parks,houses,school and on buildboards. People get inspiration mostly every where and they don't even know. You get inspiration from your teachers,parents. What I am gonna do with my wild and precious life is that I am gonna go to college. I want to go to Michigan State. I will make the most out my Wild and Precious life while I can.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hoops or Death

Hoops or Death

Dave woke up.” “Good morning sweetie, can you come into my room”. Dave got up and got dressed and he went to his mom’s room. She told Dave that his dad has cancer but they don’t know what kind of cancer he has. So Dave had to stay home from school that day. The next day Dave woke up to his basketball alarm clock and he had to get ready for school. When Dave got to school he had his favorite subject first Langauge Arts. Dave likes this class the most because Dave likes reading. Dave went to writing workshop. Dave finally found of what kind of cancer his dad has it is Leukemia.
Dave goes to basketball practice after school, As Dave was rounding the corner, he heard the dribbling of the basketball on the court,and the kids running, and heavily breathing. Dave sees his teammates and his new coach. He smells the normal smell of the gym. Then he hears the whistle blow it was the start of practice but Dave doesn’t practice right away because he remembers that his dad’s cancer and begins to feel upset. Dave is distracted. Dave tells his best friend about his dad’s cancer. Then his best friend tells Dave that his mom is a Oncologists. Dave told his dad that one of his friend’s parents is a Oncologists that works with Leukemia. Dave’s friend’s mom wants to help his dad. Dave tells his friends and his basketball team about his dad’s cancer. The basketball team start a fundraiser for Dave’s dad. The team collected money and baked goods for 4 weeks. The team was able to raised 4,000 dollars. The school presented Dave’s dad  the money at the half time game.  Dave’s mom’s best friend takes the money and uses it for Dave’s dad surgery.

Dave’s dad goes into surgery the same day of the basketball team championship game. Although,Dave wants to be at the hospital with his dad, Dave’s mom suggest that Dave help his basketball team win the championship  and assist the coach. ‘’Dave is a good help says, the coach. Thanks Dave said no problem. Dave ‘s coach said that it’s okay Dave keeps thinking of his dad .The coach told Dave to continue to pray and everything will work out.

Once he calmed down he watch more of the game helping and coaching alongside with the new coach. Dave team is losing by one but it is only the first half. Dave suggests that they should do the play they always do before practice. His coach says let’s try.  Dave’s plan works they are winning by 2 points it is half time. Dave and his coach start to work on new plays for their team. Dave and the coach make up 15 new plays to use in the second half of the game. It is halftime the score is 12 to 14 Dave team is winning. The second half of the game starts then he gets a call from his mom telling him that his dad’s surgery is going well. Dave knows his mom is telling the truth because she never lies to him. Dave is really relieve that his father is doing well.Dave is finally calm now he is a true help to the team because he doesn’t have so much pressure on him and worry about his dad. Dave team is winning in the end of the third quarter 34 to 32. It is the start of the third quarter when his coach puts him in. When Dave goes in his teammates cheer him on. There are 2 minutes left in the game. Dave’s team is losing 42 to 44. Dave’s new coach feels someone tapping on his shoulder it is Dave’s mom. The surgery went well Dave’s mom says don’t tell Dave where here. Dave’s mom was facetiming Dave’s dad so he could see the game. There’s  10 seconds left in the game. Dave’s teammate passes it to him 4 seconds Dave shoots a three pointer and makes it his team won the championship game. Dave’s team starts cheering and then Dave’s sees his mom cheering and holding the I Pad. Dave can see his dad watching him. Dave’s  dad mouths good job bud and they keep on cheering.    

Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Football Game Changer

I remember one part of the book when there team lost the football game because of the quarterback throwing a interception. When the quarterback threw the interception they lose the game. Their coach was giving them a pep talk and saying good game and stuff and the main character saw his friend walking away mad and after the pep talk he saw his friend throw his helmet up in the air because he was mad. I think it was a scene and summary because it describe it but not a whole lot and they said what happened and why his friend threw his helmet in the air.